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Faith and Fat Chances

PEN/Bellweather Award, Finalist

Carla Trujillo brings to life another side of the fabled city of Santa Fe in this rollicking novel set in Dogtown, a dilapitaed neighborhood on the outskirts of town. Home to a hardscrabble community of working people struggling to make a living on meager means, Dogtown is worlds apart from the tourists, artists, and upscale eateries just a stone’s throw away. The closely-knit neighborhood thrives in its own way, until an entrepreneur in cahoots with the mayor arrives with a plan to seize Dogtown, cast out its occupants through eminent domain, and construct a winery in its place.


"Carla Trujillo writes with corazon about everyday people for everyday people. Her work is savvy, tough, and laugh-out-loud funny. This is the voice of the new millennium."

Sandra Cisneros, author of The House on Mango Street


“Carla Trujillo seamlessly weaves together the essential elements of great storytelling—a timeless location, unforgettable characters forced into increasingly complex situations.”

Ellery Washington, Associate Professor, Creative Writing, Pratt Institute


“A delightful but thoughtful mediation on eminent domain and atomic experiments and the communities that struggle against them with planning meetings, lawyers, news media and of course, magic. Pepa is simply unforgettable!”

Helena Maria Viramontes, author of Their Dogs Came With Them

“Carla Trujillo tells, in the inimitable language of an eleven-year-old girl, a story of heart-stopping horror at the vulnerability of children at the hands of abusive adults, of the confusing world of sexual attraction, and of the humor of a strong-willed child bound to remake her surroundings into a more sensible and gentle place.”



“A highly original story featuring an unlikely hero…. It is ardently hoped that this is only the first of a long list of books to come from Carla Trujillo.”

—Dallas Morning News


“A lively, picaresque tale.”Publishers Weekly

What Night Brings

Paterson Fiction Prize

Latino Literary Foundation Latino Book Award

Foreword Magazine Bronze Medal

Gustavus Meyers Books Award Honorable Mention

Lambda Literary Award Finalist

Miguel Marmol Award

“First-person-narrator Marci, with her unconventional way of looking at life and uncensored mouth, is a funny, very savvy guide to her family's hidden shames.…Carla Trujillo is definitely a writer to watch. —Booklist, starred review

"I have been waiting for this one, and it was worth the wait."—Dorothy Allison, author of Bastard Out of


“Grounded in humor with a feisty, resilient heroine who absolutely refuses to remain a victim…. An unexpected pleasure.”—Miami Herald
Edited by Carla Trujillo


Living Chicana Theory
"Carla Truillo has brought together an array of artists, teachers, and activists—including many pioneers in the field of Chicana feminist theory—whose work exquisitely reflects the diverse forms theory assumes in our daily lives. This timely volume explores in often unexpected ways the complex and subtle inter-connections between race, class, gender, and sexuality. Living Chicana Theory is an important departure not only for owmen of color, but for all progressive intellectuals and activists who strive to link our work to radical political transformation."
—Angela Y. Davis, author of Women, Race, and Class
Chicana Lesbians
The Girls Our Mothers Warned Us About

Out/Write Vanguard Award

Lambda Book Award for Best Lesbian Anthology

"Chicana Lesbians is a love poem, a bible, a dictionary, nothing so simple as a manifesto—this book is yet another reason to believe—to believe in the girls our mothers warned us about, brown girls, lesbians, making their own love poems, bibles, dictionaries, manifestoes, reasons to believe."
—Dorothy Allison, author of Bastard Out of Carolina
"When I was selling books at a Chicana conference, I noticed book buyers were literally afraid to touch this anthology. I say now what I said then, 'Don't be scared. Sexuality is not contagious, but ignorance is.' If you've ever been curious, been there, been voyeur, been tourist, or just plain under-informed, misinformed, or unaffirmed, here is a book to listen to and learn from".
—Sandra Cisneros, author of The House on Mango Street
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